Kids Spaces


*A place for everything…and everything in its place*

Why organize your child's belongings?

Playrooms are a space that SHOULD get messed up every day. Children need to play to learn. They need to explore experiment and create. It's our job as educators, parents, and mentors to teach them about consequences and to hold them accountable for their actions within their means.  These lessons can be integrated into play time. Children need, want and thrive from limits and realistic expectations. 

I’ve found that in an over stimulating environment children tend to be overwhelmed, and even frustrated.  They have trouble choosing toys to play with and often lose focus easily and bounce from object to object. In a clean, organized and meaningful space children are able to navigate their surroundings in a way that promotes independence and also facilities imaginative play. 

When given the structure for a functional space, kids rise to the occasion and take pride in their ability to maintain their own environment.  Children tend to make a mess looking for something specific.  Consider this…If they know where they can find their toys, we potentially eliminate this issue. Additionally, if the child knows where it goes when he/she is done with it, they’re more likely to clean up.

Children love order & routine.  They thrive when the expectations placed upon them are reasonable and understood.  Kids also love games and matching, turn clean up into a game & show how appreciative you are for their help maintaining their possessions.  It’s going to take consistency and discipline on the adults’ part but before you know it, cleanup will be an integrated part of playtime in their eyes.

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