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Client Testimonials

"I recently had Eastside Organization reorganize my kitchen cabinets. The results we’re impressive! Jess did a great job putting things in places that made logical sense. I only ended-up donating one item, but my cabinets feel much more spacious. Things are so much easier to find! And it is wonderful to have things more convenient located. Jess has a knack for seeing the best way to organize something. She is tremendously creative and inspires me to think about how to organize other areas of my home to make life easier and more fun. I highly recommend using her services. I am sure that I will hire her again to tackle another room in our home soon!"-Redmond, WA 

"I was amazed by how simple the changes were that we made, yet these small changes have made keeping things organized so much easier"- Medina, WA

"Thank you Jess for all the ideas, opinions and suggestions.  We have been making slow progress through the house one room at a time and I am very excited about the way things are coming out."- Kirkland, WA

"Jess organized my chaotic garage in about three hours flat today and miraculously turned it into a peaceful oasis of organization. I am so pleased! Everything is now grouped and labeled in bins or categories - from kids skiing equipment to art projects. It is very easy to access everything and virtually clutter-free! Truthfully, Jess is like a zap of "productivity lightning" - focused and relentless in her ability to filter through what needs to stay and go. At the same time, she is tactful and considerate - especially when sensitive items come up like whether to keep three big boxes of Grandma's memorabilia or not. After years of moving (while working) and having with three young children, I am delighted to finally feel "at peace" with my stuff again. I have the right things in the right places and can find everything at the right time when I need it! Thanks Jess! :)"-Bellevue, WA 

"Jess! I want to hug you:) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for finding my desk under that pile of junk"-Redmond, WA

"Jess helped the kids go through their belongings and donated a few bags of toys and now my children actually play with the toys the have!!!! The playroom is no longer a danger zone, it is their favorite place to spend time and miraculously they will clean things up when asked to, now if only they would do it without me asking..." -Issaquah, WA

"Jess came to help organize the kid’s toys in our new cabinet. We were moving the toys from a toy chest into big, open cupboards with doors. As the house is small, we needed the toys to be able to "disappear" whenever the time came. Jess figured out a system that worked for us all, young and old. The materials she recommended were perfect for the wear and tear kids put things through, and they satisfied my criteria of looking decent (I really didn't want clear Tupperware bins). She came up with a labeling system that my two toddlers could begin to understand. But the biggest benefit to having Jess was that she took measurements of the cabinets, toys and bins, crunched the numbers and found what best fits where and with what. Now when we clean up, the kids want to put things away in the "right" place. They tell me when I've put something in the "wrong" place. Thanks Jess"-Kirkland, WA
"Without judgment or ridicule Jess changed the way I think about and evaluate each item in my home. And it’s fun to work alongside her!”-Burien, WA

"I love that the small changes that we implemented that made my life so much easier, thank you Jess"-Issaquah, WA

"Your passion and energy level are infectious and exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction.  I now have strategies and the confidence to stay organized, I love that I have found you"- Bellevue, WA

"I so look forward to our time together, not only for the organizing tips, but for our talks and your help with the kids.  Our sessions are therapeutic in so many ways and has become invaluable to me."- Renton, WA

"You saved my life!! I can find all my important 
documents at a moments notice, all the kids paper, projects and pictures are now in order and I will be able to pass them on to them one day.  Thank you Jess!!- Medina, WA

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