Art & Crafts

“Glitter is made of some mysteriously ineradicable substance.  I sometimes wonder whether the pentagon has explored its potential as a weapon against our enemies”                                        Outwitting Clutter By: Bill Adler Jr.


  • Table & Chairs
  •   Protective floor covering so children can be Artists computer mat, shower curtain liner, disposable table cloth
  •   Free standing Easel
  •    Wall mounted roll of easel paper ( curtain rod cut to size, mounted at child's, ensure rod fits paper roll snuggly to eliminate unrolling, use a strip or clips at bottom to hold paper in place.)
  •   Dry Erase, Chalk Boards, Cork Boards- Can double as easel with Large clips at top to hold paper- can be mounted to the back of door to save space


  •     Cable and Clips mounted to hang their art work
  •     Wall mounted accordion laundry drying rack ( to dry paint projects)    <XXXX>
  •      trash can
  •  wipes
  •  paper towels
  • Storage for Materials  
  •    Bins with craft items, clean recyclables that can "become…"
  •     Caddie for pencils, markers, crayons
  •    pens, markers etc. in baskets
  • Bins for markers, pencils, crayons
  •    jar or cups for markers, pencils, crayons
  • pegboard mounted to wall and framed out with trim
  •    scissors on hooks
  •  scissors on magnetic “knife “ holders
  •     paper on shelves in stackable shelves or divider
  •    paper in magazine files (store bought or homemade)


 Materials for space

  •    Paper- colored and white
  •  Coloring books
  •   Craft items, pipe cleaners, beads, tissue paper
  •   Glue-liquid and stick
  • Stickers
  •   Paint, watercolors brushes , cups for paint (ice cube tray for different color0
  •  Paper towels or wipes
  • Cups or jars for H2O
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils, stamps
  • Scissors
  •   Play Doh, Accessories, cutting board or tray to work on
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